Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hitting the Re-Set Button!

Hello There,
Happy Fall!  I love saying that.  Now if the weather would just get a little bit cooler!  Well, I survived the last 2 weeks.  I'm sooOO happy that is over.  Things all went well for the most part, but I'm worn out.  The 3 day meeting was a lot of sitting and eating.  And eating and sitting.  I did well the first day.  Even took a long walk at Seaport Village. But the second day, it was all over.  They had amazing food.  Not typical catering food, but the Manchester Grand Hyatt Restaurant food!  Even a freaking candy bar with all my favorites!  I did avoid any alcohol to not complicate matters.  But, man, I was hyped up on coffee and espresso beans.  Each night I got home around 10pm and then had to work because I had a deadline amongst all this.  As soon as the meeting was over Saturday, I went straight to the gym and did a 5K.  My WI for that week had me gaining 2.4 lbs.  Yikes.  I had gained 0.8 lbs the week before.  So, I was really worried about what was still to come.

The next few days were crazy at work, but I was able to be back on plan.  Did some very long workouts each night, which I think saved my butt for the next week of insanity.  My colleague and I then headed to Madison, Wisconsin for a vendor meeting.  What a cute college capitol town!  I loved it.  Again, I did well the first day of travel.  Packed my lunch, ate a healthy breakfast, but had Mac and Cheese (with cheese curds, buffalo chicken) for dinner.  Yeah, that pretty much set the tone for the next few days.  Cheese Curds galore!!  They were raw, they were broiled, they were fried in vodka batter.  They were even on the healthy beet salad we ordered.  They were everywhere!!  The second night, I had, yep, Mac and Cheese again but with Pulled Pork.  Lunches were not light either.  It was more pasta and tons of desserts.  WW, healthy eating, what's that??!!  Yeah, I pretty much lost my mind and what I was supposed to be doing.  Even went for the regular Coke, M&Ms at night in the hotel room.  It was like every bad habit I had (and had gotten rid of) had come back!  It was even topped off with a dinner stop at Jack in the Box the night I flew back.  Say what??!!!  I felt soo horrible and ill.  I was very happy to get back on plan Saturday.  In fact, I got up pretty early and went straight to the gym.  Walked 4 miles!!  I was starting to not feel so ill anymore.  I went to my WW meeting and was really dreading what was about to happen.  I vowed I would not let it get me down, but we would hit the re-set button.  Much to my crazy surprise, I lost 0.2 lbs.  Huh??!!!  Seriously??!!  I was surely expecting a gain of about 5.  I'll take it!!  I think all the exercise I did before I left and the 4 miles helped things.  Now to be back on track for the next 3 weeks before I leave again to Virginia.  This I do promise needs to be a better attempt at balancing health with food enjoyment.  My hubby will be with me, so I think it will be slightly easier to help keep each other on track.  Plus, a lot of walking will be involved!

Sooo very proud of hubby!  He hit a big goal, and has lost 52 lbs so far. :) :)  He looks good and is catching up to me!  Well, it's time to shuffle off to the gym again.  Just taking it easy today and catching up on house stuff.  TOM has arrived, so that makes the next few days oh so fun.  NOT!! :(  Just glad it didn't grace me with its presence during the trip and hopefully it will bypass the VA trip as well.  I have another all day offsite meeting this week with catered food all day, so will opt to eat breakfast at home and skip the dessert.  Need to make this a good week and get back on the losing train!

I hope you all have an awesome and successful week!!

Jessica :)

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